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Focus On The Solution

Jul 22, 2016

Throughout the day of a Property Manager and Real Estate in general, there is and always will be an element of unpredictability. Some of these events can be great surprises, like the referral of a new management that comes in unexpectedly. Other times, these surprises are not so welcome – complaints, repairs, problems that we would prefer not to have to deal with.

When things go wrong, our immediate reaction is often negative and we immediately handball the problem to someone else to deal with. There can be a lack of enthusiasm to deal with the issue at hand. Maybe, because we know that more often than not, we have to have a difficult conversation with our clients.

It’s time to change your mindset and how you choose to react to problems. It’s about the solution.You need to start to think about how you can clarify the situation, find out why things went wrong, give options to resolve the issue, work toward a positive outcome and learn from the situation. By having a solutions focus mindset you become proactive in your approach when things don’t go to plan.

It is quite simple – whatever the problems is, it’s just another challenge – and there is a solution to every challenge.

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