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Don’t be Afraid to Prospect

For those who wish to travel down the well worn path of new business, prospecting is a part of the deal. While there are more exciting or easier methods to gain new business such as referrals, word of mouth, even sales leads, we cannot forget that in order to get ahead of the curve and generate more leads we have to prospect.

So why is it that even the most experienced of new business managers resist prospecting unless they are poked, prodded and pushed by our managers?

Excuses will often include such quotes as:
“I don’t like the rejection.”
“I don’t want to come across like I’m desperate for business.”
“I don’t want to sound like a telemarketer.”
“I don’t like interrupting people at work.”

There are few main dynamics that prevent us from embracing cold calling. Cold calling is hard work, no one likes to hear ‘no’ and we all have the need for instant gratification, especially in the digital age.

The key to changing you’re your mindset around that “dreaded” task of prospecting is understanding that it’s all a numbers game. Keep in mind as you are going through your list of calls that for every ‘no’ that you hear, you are that one step closer to a ‘yes’. This game is a marathon, not a sprint and you are going to experience some hurdles along the way. Condition yourself that eventually you will get a reward for your efforts.

When you learn any new skill, it takes time to ease into that skill and even longer to become proficient and further still to master it. This same concept applies to prospecting. The more calls that you make, the easier it will get and the more proficient you will become. As your skill improves, so to will your ability to generate leads and secure appointments.

If you can push through your initial resistance you can develop the ability to postpone your need for instant gratification. And as you do this, your results will improve! As they say, practice makes perfect!
Heidi Walkinshaw

Senior Coach / Consultant Real+

0411 747 520 /

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