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Cutting Through The Techno White Noise

Every day Property Management teams are inundated with an abundance of new software programs and apps that promise the earth to make their lives easier, and for the most part they will, provided you don’t try to bite off more than you can chew.

It can be very easy to get excited and jump on the bandwagon of something new, but we need to be cautious that it doesn’t become like the shiny new toy on your desk and then forgotten in seconds for something that may seem more important.

We are facing a constantly evolving space when it comes to the needs of the consumer who want everything now at the touch of a button. At times it can seem overwhelming with demands, however the basic property management tasks for the most part, have not changed. We need to be cautious not to overcomplicate these tasks until we find that those tasks are controlling us and not the other way around.

Most property management teams are not using the software that is currently in their office to its full potential and in some cases may only be utilising 20% of its capabilities. Before jumping onto the next big thing, ask yourself a few questions;

  • Is it going to save time and reduce my stress levels?
  • Can we integrate it with the current systems in my office?
  • Do we already have something that will do this task well or will something else do it better?
  • Will it help so that we can increase growth and profit?
  • What is the purpose of implementing this technology and the outcomes for the business?

Make sure that you are weighing up all the options and find the best fit for your office. What works for one team, may not suit another and it is never as simple as a one size fits all approach. Above all, enjoy those shiny new toys and make sure you get the most out of them. Don’t get too caught up in hype, and make it work for you.

Heidi Walkinshaw

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