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Create A Training Plan For Your Office

Training can be unappealing to some, but these days it’s so versatile and varied!  You can watch a TED Talk once a day, you can read a book, you can log in to a webinar.  No longer must you sit in a classroom going over the same old boring scripts and dialogues anymore.

Let’s take a look what steps we can put in place to create a training plan for your office…

  1. If you’re a director, set aside a training budget – it’s a great time of year to get planning for 2018. Set an office budget – this budget goes towards things like Real+ Membership, ARPM and industry conference attendance etc.  In addition to this – set individual budgets for the employees. Have an annual review with your team members and find out what is important to them and where they’d like to develop.  You can also use this individual training budget as a recruitment tool. As cited by seek, the #2 thing that people look for in a role is training and career development.  If you can show recruits that they have a dollar amount set aside for their own development, it will give you an edge over your competitors.
  2. Implement a training calendar and plan the schedule across the year, this will allow you to structure the training in a way that will flow allowing for natural progression. Involve your team and ensure that everyone has access to this calendar.
  3. Instead of making training mandatory – make it something that people don’t want to miss out on. Make it fun and varied and ensure that it’s something people can put into place and action.
  4. Share the knowledge – have a space where employees can share great books they’ve read, insightful TED talks they’ve watched. Encourage discussion and sharing.

The benefit to you and your business will be phenomenal.  When you have a team that is constantly growing their knowledge and developing themselves, you will have a team who are genuinely all about quality and improvement.

I’ll finish with a quote by Christopher Morley – “There are three ingredients to the good life; Learning, earning and yearning”.


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