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Break the Habit and Ask For Help

Full disclosure – Busy: I will be encouraging everyone to remove this word from their vocabulary from today.

Today’s world is one in which the word “busy” is thrown around so much that its near deafening.

The reality of the fact is that everyone is busy. Thus, meaning that this is no longer busy, it’s just the new norm!

The challenge with this is that we are often so full to the brim and working at near full capacity that we are merely rolling with the punches, instead of having a plan and being strategic about what we do.

When we get to the point where we are so busy we feel stressed (and not the good stress that keeps us driving and moving forward, but rather the stress that stifles and cripples), we throw our ideal weeks out the window along with all our known systems and processes and the 10 minutes in the morning we spend planning our day.  Chaos ensues.

As humans, we like to consider ourselves considerate.  This can also become our downfall. We have become so “considerate” that we no longer ask for help when its most needed.

This is a habit that we as humans need to break.  There is only so far we can go on our own, and drowning in our own puddle of busyness is good for nothing.  It’s not good for you, it’s not good for your colleagues, it’s not good for your boss and it’s certainly not good for business!

When the workload (or home load or study load or whatever it might be) gets too much, look around and ask for help.  You will be surprised by how many people have been in the wings simply waiting for the permission to assist.

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