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Be Kind, Be Tough, Be Real

There are many reasons that I opened my own business, perhaps one of them being opportunity as opposed to any degree of well thought out 5 year plan to do so. The opportunity presented itself and I took it with both hands and ran.

As I sit in my office today, putting the final touches on the rebrand, yes we now have the stickers on the front door – so that must make it official. I’m looking around my office and the one piece of the puzzle that make me most proud is the people.

What I have come to realise as a consultant and business owner is that each and everyday people make a choice as to where they work and who they work for. Over the years many have chosen to walk through the doors of our 5A/211 Ben Boyd Rd and the doors of the offices whom we support.

In return for their time and effort, our employee’s expect and deserve and need from us than just a pay cheque. Our people’s future lays in their hands, but can be supported within our walls.

Jack Welch described it best to me in his book of the same name. he found a business that had not adequately prepared their people for their future. And in could be said, had found  a situation that had fought against it. Arriving at GE, employee’s were in positions beyond their capabilities, promoted based on likeability and tenure, their associated remuneration was not reflective of market, their future, outside of the business would resemble nothing like the current reality. GE had made them redundant in the modern market.

Welch knew that when he forced them into unemployment (as he needed to do to save the company), their lives would be changed forever, they would not be rehired in their current status nor would their pay meet the current lifestyle requirements.

Imagine if you lost your current role, your earning capacity was reduced by 30%, how would your life be affected. Imagine if you awoke to discover you were three rung down the knowledge ladder and $50k short of your life budget.

I wonder if we as Directors consider with enough care, the impact we have on the lives of not just these people that populate our  Real Estate office, but on their significant other, the family and friends.

Employing talent comes with the responsibility to nurture it, preparing them for their next role, whilst gaining the benefits along the way. We must ensure we provide REAL feedback (constructive and congratulatory), diverse education, and coach them to be the best version of themselves.

Take a look around your office, and see, who can you help today.  Be kind, Be tough, Be real.

Fiona Blayney

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