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Special Offer For AREC Attendees!

Do you want a competitive advantage? More time, Reduced Stress, Improved Profits and Access to 1000’s of Resources

Sign up for our Premium Membership and get the first 2 months for the price of 1.
That’s right – 1 month FREE.

Only available until 10am Friday 31st May 2024
This offer applies to our 12 month (minimum) contract


AREC is on the weekend

Register for your chance to win one of the following prizes
Winners will be announced on Monday 3rd June

Coaching Session

Valued at $300
This is your chance to work with the coach of your choice and dive deep into what you need most to move your career or team to the next level.

Our industry recognised coaches have a combined 200+ years of experience and can provide you insights into property management and performance that you can trust.

    Business Analysis

    Valued at $1,000
    Our expert consultants will analyse every aspect of your Property Management Business, Vision, People, Processes, Performance, Financials, Growth, Service and More!

      Outsource Discovery Session

      Valued at $2,000
      We love trust accounting! We manage accounts onshore, with a commitment to accuracy & integrity.

      Our consultants will do a full Discovery Audit of your Trust Account, including Missed Revenue Review, Process Review, Due Diligence, Trust Reconciliation, and More! To see how your Trust Account fairs.

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