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Are You Ready to Engage, Connect and Empower?

The first Tuesday in November is for many people an important day, it’s the day within which 2 – 2.5 million people take time out to watch the race, which literally, stops the nation, the Melbourne Cup.

Whilst I am not naïve enough to think that 2.5 million people will stop next Sunday or Monday, for the conference that stops the nation. I am certainly excited that 650 industry professionals have decided to.

Every year there are 1000’s of hours spent across a team of people, both those employed directly into the ARPM world, and those whom support it as our sponsors, exhibitors & attendee’s, to create an event that is a success, not just on a balance sheet, but through the learning that takes place for  everyone.

Our planning this year has not come without it challenges, as we seek to raise the bar on the content delivered, we have toiled to find the right mix of speakers, ideas and delivery styles to engage with our wide audience. I’m pretty confident we have got it right.

As you prepare for the two days, I urge you to consider why you are attending ARPM. What is it you are wanting to achieve from your two days in Sydney, what action do you need to take to ensure you get your outcome and how will you emerge yourself in the opportunities that will present?

For what it’s worth my advice is pretty simple, get outside your comfort zone, meet new people, partake in new experiences, be open to new ideas. No desired change comes about without intent, and I hope you bring with you the right level of intention to get the changes you want.

I know I am committed to helping you reach whatever high you desire.


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