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Are You Often Distracted by the Bright and Shiny?

It would be nice to think that when we begin a task, we can stay on hand and keep focused with that task. However, for some of us that is not always the case and we can become easily distracted with those bright, shiny and sometimes really pretty, glittery objects.

If this is a category that you fall into, then it might be wise, to maximise your time in the here and now to take a look at a few things to keep you on course. Because let’s face it, all we really have is the here and now.

When we are working in a team, it is important to remember that every human that we come across is unique and we all march to the beat of a different drum. We are all wired a little differently when it comes to our way of thinking. With this also comes different levels of activity when it comes to energy levels.

Procrastination can become a little bit of an art form and the first step to change is admitting that you have a procrastination problem. This may however mean undertaking an activity like a time log for the space of a week to see where exactly you may be procrastinating.

There is a great app called Rescuetime that you can load onto your computer and mobile devices that can assist with this as well.

A tip I learnt some time ago from a wise mentor was that every time you touch a piece of paper on your desk, that you mark it. You might be surprised how often you are shuffling the same papers over and over.

Once you work out where your time is spent and where and what you are becoming distracted with, break it down and check to see if your current schedule is working the best for you to maximise your productivity when your energy levels are at their highest. If not, you may need to make some adjustments.

There are also some great apps out there on the google app store to help with minimising those distractions and get you back to the task at hand. Momentum on Chrome and eradicator for Facebook are two of my favourites.

It is also important to remember that you are human and if you find that you are becoming easily distracted in your day, try a quick walk outside, get some vitamin d and give your brain a quick break to reconnect and motivate you to the next task to tackle.

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