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Are You Friends With The Phone?

Technology has changed the face of property management and at our fingertips we have a lot of time saving tools. In fact a smart phone can give you access to a multitude of tools. In any single day you might use your email, text, inspection software, depreciation calculator, camera, database or CRM, weather app, google maps, business card scanner, property portal sites, task management……. The list goes on and can be exhausting or efficient, depending on the day. But are we over complicating things?

Sometimes, we get distracted by all the technology, and forget to use the phone for its original purpose. To TALK to people!

Take some time to think for a moment, when was the last time you called:

  • an owner to check in and give them a positive update
  • a prospective tenant to approve their application, rather than in an email
  • a team member to check in and see how their day is
  • a tenant to congratulate them on the presentation of a property after an inspection
  • an owner to let them know a maintenance item was complete
  • a tradesperson to follow up on a completed item
  • the receptionist to thank them for doing a great job

I am as guilty as anyone and can definitely say that at times, I (not so) proudly wear my “Keyboard Warrior” cape.

Whether you are providing a positive update or effectively handling an issue or concern, picking up the phone can often yield a far quicker result from a 2 minute conversation, than a back and forth email conversation over several hours. Try it and see!

Pick up the phone, smile and make sure you summarise your call in your trust accounting software or an email confirmation to the client, using the phone not only reduces time spent on many items, it improves your overall relationships with your tenants, owners, trades and team members!

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