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Are You Accountable For The Productivity

One of the common challenges that we find many Property Management teams fall into as they are charging through their week is that they don’t plan or just “wing it” or, they have a plan and get caught up with the day to day and don’t stick to it.

We hear the word “busy” so often from teams that it almost seems to be a state of mind and through our coaching we break down through that wall of “busy” to understand and gain clarity around the productivity blockers that may be creating those walls.

Often we find that time is not being utilised effectively, there may be distractions or procrastination and can lead an individual to working extended hours, increase their stress levels and ultimately cause burn out.

In the first step to discovering how productive someone is, we recommend completing time logs over the course of a month to gain some insight into where those precious hours are being spent.

From here we can identify any potential road blocks or areas that may need addressing and set action plans to reduce stress levels, find time and ultimately increase productivity.

At the end of the day, how you are spending your time is up to you. What gets prioritised gets done. If you were to think about your day, are you accountable to yourself for your productivity?

If you would like some help to get your team on track, give the Real+ team a call (02  8355 4999) and we can work with you to find solutions for the time black hole.

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