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5 Tips To Challenge Your Relationship With Time In 2018

As we charge headlong into a New Year, we find that we are back on the hamster wheel and running.

Before you know it, the year will fly by and we’ll be making end of year plans. Time will never stand still and there will always be the same amount of hours each year.

How you utilise the time that you have within your day is a crucial stepping stone along your success ladder both in your personal and professional life.

When you think about your time spent it’s important to think about clock time and real time. Clock time will always be the same, there are always 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour, while real time is relative and can be altered depending on your mindset.

Challenge your time mindset this coming year and try some daily tasks to assist with gaining back productivity and reducing stress:

  1. Schedule planning time for the first 30 minutes of each day. Use this time to plan out and prioritise your day.
  2. Plan time for interruptions. Property Management, like life will never go according to plan and there will always be something that will cause an interruption. Allow space in your week to plan for the unplanned.
  3. Block out distractions and take time to create a bubble of silence so that you can get through the tasks that you have been procrastinating on and get on top of your workload.
  4. Journal your activities and thoughts across the course of a week, fortnight or month to see where your time is going. This can assist with identifying any time black holes and get you out of the vortex.
  5. Grab an egg timer and time your activities. You can set yourself a time limit to complete a task and when the alarm sounds, time to move on to the next thing. This can create a great opportunity to challenge you.

It is also important to remember that above all, you are human and it can be impossible to get everything done, no matter how super human we think we are. Set expectations for both your clients and you to assist with reducing the stress that can be an outcome of this fast paced world.


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